Seed Library


Why a seed library?

To empower our community to grow their own food and flowers by offering free seeds.
To support our local pollinators.
To foster an interest in the tradition of growing food through information and education about sustainable gardening.


How to Use the Seed Library

  • Browse the seed catalog online below or at the Propagation Station.
  • Fill out a request form online or a paper one at the propagation station to drop off at the Info Desk. You may request up to 8 packs of seeds. One request per household. An email address is required.
  • Your seeds will be ready in 3-5 business days. You will receive an email when they are ready to pick up. Please pick up at the check-out desk by giving your name and telling staff you are picking up seeds.


Flower Catalog

Herb Catalog

Vegetable Catalog


Request Form



  1. A library card is required and requests are limited to one per household, per season due to a limited number of seeds. Our season runs from February thru November.
  2. You may request up to 8 packs of seeds. The number of seeds per pack will vary by seed variety.
  3. Seed availability is dependent on donations. The seed catalog will be updated regularly, however, will not perfectly reflect seed availability. Seeds are distributed on a first-come/first-served basis. No holds can be placed on anything from the Seed Library. Seed packets not picked up in 1 week will be returned to the seed library.
  4. All seed packets are clearly marked with the plant name and year seeds were harvested. Additional information such as heirloom, organic, and type of yearly growth, if available.
  5. We encourage seed saving! Recipients may take any seeds available to plant and are not required to return unused seeds. However, the Library requests, but does not require, that seed recipients donate any unused seeds back to the Library or harvest any seeds from their garden at the end of the season to use the following season or to donate to the Library. Purchased seeds may also be donated in their original packaging. Please bring all donations to the Info Desk with the information below.
  6. If donating seeds to the Library, seed donors are requested to provide the following information about the donated seeds:
      a. Plant name.
      b. Year seeds were harvested.
      c. Donor’s name, phone/email (to answer any questions about the donated seeds).
      d. Whether the seeds are heirloom.
      e. Whether the seeds are organic.
  7. The Library cannot accept seeds that aren’t marked with items 6a and 6b, but will accept seed donations without the information in 6c – 6e.
  8. The Library cannot accept treated seeds, patented seeds or seeds protected by the Plant Variety Protection Act.
  9. The Library is not responsible for any liability, damages or expense resulting from use or misuse of seeds or for any loss resulting from use of any seed received from the Seed Library.
  10. Library staff are not available to provide instructions to seed recipients on proper use of seeds, or the planting of seeds, but seed packets will be labeled with relevant information. Planting instructions are available in our seed catalog at the Info Desk or online.

We would like to thank the Friends of the Mount Laurel Library for their donation to start the seed library! Other donations were received from Seed Savers Exchange, Hudson Valley Seed Co and various community gardeners.

If you have questions about the Seed Library, please email