Propagation Station

Propagation Station - Take a cutting, leave a cutting.Remember Please leave our jars and glasswear and Please root all cuttings before bringing in to swap Thanks!(1).png

Our guidelines:

  • Step 1: Bring a rooted cutting from home. Houseplants and indoor herbs only please. Be sure your rooted cutting is healthy and free of pests/disease. No soil please. Do not leave potted plants at the station.

  • Step 2: Place it in one of our jars at the station that is filled with water. Please tag your plant.

  • Step 3: Grab a new cutting you don’t have from the station. Please leave our bottles here for future cuttings! We suggest bringing a cup of water or plastic sandwich bag with a wet paper towel from home to transport your cuttings.

Please be courteous!

This station runs on the honor system, so please bring rooted cuttings with you to trade! Please do not remove our bottles from the station. Following these guidelines will ensure there are plenty of cuttings to go around.


Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can I just bring cuttings? I want to share my plants.
A: Yes! Just be sure they are already rooted and ready to drop in water.


Information on Water Propagation:

Propagation is the process of creating more plants from a mother plant. Propagations can be used to create new potted plants, or help to fill out those leggy hanging baskets. Propagation is different for every plant so it’s important to know what kind of plant you are working with. We suggest doing research through Google or YouTube for information on how to properly propagate your plant.

  • The most popular plants for water propagation are Pothos, Philodendron, Hoya, Sansevieria, and Peperomia, just to name a few.
  • A leaf may grow roots in water, but without a node, the plant will never grow. A node is a small bulbous area where the leaf and aerial roots grow out of. Cut right below the node and stick it in water and watch as the roots form!
  • Once there are multiple roots that are 3 inches long, it is time to plant your cutting!