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Job Hunter's Bible
The online supplement to Richard Bolles' What color is your parachute?. This is a popular, very comprehensive site that links to general job sites, job sites by field, metasites, places to post your resume, etc. It also provides career exploration resources and lots of great advice.

The Riley Guide
One of the premier job directories on the Internet. Its well-organized "Job Listings!" section is very thorough. The Riley Guide has links for many job-related topics and provides great advice on all aspects of job searching.

Workforce New Jersey Public Information Network
The state's online one-stop career center provides access to a "rich variety of information including: education, employment opportunities, training opportunities, labor market information, job search tools, and social services."

Career One Stop
Find jobs -- from entry level to technical to professional to CEO. Identify job-ready workers with the right skills. Explore alternative career paths, compare salary data for different occupations, learn which careers are hot, get resume writing tips and job interview strategies, and much more. 

This site has a job bank of 30,000+ middle- to senior-level jobs that's updated daily, in addition to articles and advice on job search issues. Jobstar also has several regional Web sites, including one for Jersey City.

This indispensable site provides links to job sites organized by state and by continent. It also links to specialized job sites organized by profession, industry or job type. Job-hunt also lists major online classifieds, tells where to find newsgroups, and provides objective advice on all aspects of job hunting. It's a great place for finding both professional and non-professional jobs.